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Documentary photographer, videographer, public speaker, curator and educator. For the past 30+ years my profession has taken me to a wide variety of countries, primarily during wartime. Areas of focus: women and children, human rights, indigenous and environmental rights.

I cover a wide variety of venues, artists and genres in the U.S. and collaborate with a diverse network of NGOs, musicians and news outlets and teach a variety of college-level courses that incorporate a multimedia platform.

My nonprofit, Optical Realities Indie Arts Initiative (ORIAI), uses creative expression, community collaboration and job skills development to offer a pathway to healing and transformation for some of our most vulnerable populations.  

Photography as Communication

When looking through the lens of a camera, you're ever so present to the details of one's face: the, smiles and frowns; the wisdom and age that accompany the sunbaked wrinkles, and the depth of sorrow, joy, uncertainty, curiosity and oneness in the eyes.  

People have often asked me if I feel detached from the moment when shooting behind my lens. On the contrary, I feel I am able to connect at a very deep level with the people I am photographing. In fact, I try to shoot every shot with the intention that this one image will in fact speak a thousand words, that it will have the potential to move others to act. 

In some cultures, individuals believe that a photo has the potential of snatching away or holding captive their soul. The people I have met have thoroughly captivated my heart and soul.  

My photos are not my own; they are a representation of the oneness of us all.  

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